Replica Iconic Watches: Replica Cartier Santos

It was created at a time when men only wore pocket onions and was Cartier's first replica wristwatch. It has a specific square case with rounded edges and screws on the ring. Santos – a model that cannot be confused with any other. Who knows what would have been the fate of this Replica Watch if Louis Cartier had not attended one of the evenings organized by Baron Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe. At the beginning of the 20th century, the whole of Parisian society gathered at Deutsch's receptions. There was, among others, an eccentric replica watches Brazilian, Alberto Santos-Dumont – airplane builder and balloon and airship pilot (later also airplane pilot). Santos-Dumont was no ordinary pilot. He was a pilot obsessed with flight and devoted most of his life to building and improving airplanes. His passion was born from a fascination with balloon flights, a fashionable entertainment in Paris at the end of the 19th century. As the anecdote goes, Santos-Dumont treated the balloon as a means of transport and made it fly every day (there were even stories that he crossed the Arc de Triomphe and “parked” the ball in the street outside the restaurant).

The obsession with flying that overwhelms Santos-Dumont is such that he even eats from time to time on raised stools to gradually get used to the altitude. His first plane was built as early as 1898, but it was not a successful project. This did not discourage Dumont, and over the next few years he created new constructions, including a complete novelty, the airship. One of the first airships even took part in an unusual competition announced by the industrialist, Baron Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe. In 1900, Deutsch announced that anyone who took off from the Parc de Saint-Cloud in less than 30 minutes, circled the Eiffel Tower and returned to the Parc de Saint-Cloud, would receive a prize of 100,000 francs. managed to do it on October 19, 1901 – he covered the designated route in 29 minutes and 30 seconds, and he gave the money received in half to his crew and the poor Parisians. This feat earned him great popularity and soon, in 1903, Dumont began to organize commercial flights over Paris. During one of them, he realized that reading the time on a Replica Pocket Watch made it difficult for him to maneuver in the air and that it would be much easier for him to throw a shot. glance at the watch strapped to his wrist (then he wouldn't have to take his hands off the control stick for a moment). Santos de Cartier isn't for everyone. departure, which is the party where Louis Cartier and Alberto Santos-Dumont met. In a casual chat, Dumont told his new friend about his dilemmas regarding the watch.

This did not have to be repeated twice at Cartier, and in the same year (1904) an original model was created, completely different from the pocket watches popular at that time. First, it had a square case, not a round one, with a ring screwed down with small screws. And secondly cartier replica and most importantly, it could be worn on the wrist and a leather strap was used to attach it to the wrist. The screws on the bezel gave it a sporty character – after all, it was the first pilot's watch. The dial, on the other hand, looked very classic: in the middle was a track-style minute scale, surrounded by Roman numerals, with traditional Breguet hands above them. The mechanical part was entrusted to the watchmaker Edmond Jaeger, with whom Louis Cartier began a collaboration, and three years later (in 1907) he signed a long-term contract (Jaeger undertakes to supply Cartier with mechanisms for flat watches , from the simplest to the most complex).Alberto Santos-Dumont tested his new Replica Montre in the fall of 1906 during a spectacular flight on No. 14-bis. The flight lasted only 22 seconds and Dumont only managed to fly 220 m, but it must be remembered that these were the first officially approved flight length records in Europe.