Titanium has been used with increasing frequency across the industry and often brings a deep and cool gray hue to a watch

In the case of the Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross, this monochromatic effect is drastically mitigated by a variety of finishes over the titanium exoskeleton. Linear satin brushing and highly polished surfaces are found on the bezel, back and clasp, while a matte blast finish is found on the perforated honeycomb pattern frame. However, the vibrant orange on the rubber strap, tourbillon bridge, crown and lateral bumpers make this piece stand out even in Hublot's catalog of variously colored replica watches. The overall shape of the watch is quite tall, which was intentional, Ross reflects on the shape in comparison with other Hublot sports watches, saying that a "typical [Hublot] watch will have a slightly more balanced, stable and rectangular shape, while this has a much more vertical character." Many enthusiasts often refer to lug-to-lug distance when talking about wearability, and while the Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross has no definitive lugs, the point where the strap blends into the case gives this a decidedly long feel on the wrist. But this watch isn't one designed to be small, to begin with.

With music pumping and vibrating in the room, a single Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross rested in a glass encasement with a honeycomb floor. It stood in the spotlight, radiating excitement and pure energy against the deep orange-red shadows of the surrounding room. To celebrate this collaboration becoming a reality, Hublot pulled out all the stops. Using Samuel Ross's signature colors, a vibrant orange pop-up was constructed in New York City's SoHo district that drew attention from all quarters. I would expect replica watches no less from the likes of Hublot. Both Samuel Ross and Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe presented the new piece as the launch video went live worldwide. The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross is a loud, energetic and exciting release that feels like it's coming at the right time for the watch and fashion industry. With the worst of the last two years behind us (hopefully), the energy and optimism that Hublot and Ross bring to this announcement is infectious. Although this watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, with three allocated to the US, Samuel Ross remains a Hublot ambassador, so there may be more on the way. By the end of the release event, the US allocations had already been sold, but there was still international availability at the time. The Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross costs $116,000.

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